To rescue and provide sanctuary for the abandoned Podencos of Spain!

allow them time to heal and learn to trust again in readiness for their forever homes.

Why Adopt from Podenco Friends ?

Too many podencos are subjected to long term abuse, both mental and physical. They spend much of their lives either chained up in a dark building with inadequate nutrition and minimal human contact, wandering the countryside trying to survive or in a perrera (killing station). They have been working dogs and have no experience of living with people or in a comfortable house. For some, even walking through a doorway can be very stressful and others need time, love and special handling to learn to trust humans.

Our aim is to create a environment as close as possible to normal family life and to that end, all our podencos for adoption live as part of our extended family. They have daily walks, grooming, some basic training and of course plenty of cuddles and hugs. Our own podencos are a vital and integral part of this rehabilitation process, taking each new arrival under their collective wing. The dogs have plenty of space to run and play and to learn about being a dog and not merely a hunter’s tool.

We have many years experience with this wonderful but often forgotten breed. We are with these dogs day in day out and have an in-depth understanding of their individual characters, needs, any health issues they may have and detailed records of any veterinary treatment.

The rehabilitation process takes as long as it takes, some dogs are ready for adoption very quickly, some take a little longer. Everything we do, we do to give each and every dog the best chance of fitting into a new family with minimal stress.

We consider it essential to match each of our dogs to the right family/person and environment and we will work closely with you from the beginning to end of the whole adoption and settling in process.

Our motto sums up our commitment to you, and above all, to our dogs :

Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.

We are, Podenco Friends.

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